Big Nate: Strikes Again

Big Nate: Strikes Agian (Review)


bgsaToday I am reviewing Big Nate: Strikes Again.

It is basically a book about Nate and his FleeceBall team the Kuddle Kittens which was supposed to be called the Psycho Dogs but Nate missed the captains meeting so Gina turned in what she wanted to be the team name. Also, I think the title of the book sorta fits the theme. Also ignore “About Nates Fleeceball Team” it’s really 3 different parts which is weird. It also starts off in the middle of a conversation but it does not really matter you can just imagine what happened before. Also about the overall series you don’t need to read the books in order you can do 2,6,3,1 and so on. That’s gonna wrap up today’s review.

I rate the book 4 stars. It’s a great read I recommend it.

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