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Anime Reviews of Love is Hard for Otaku and Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

Don’t think too deeply and just sit back and enjoy the nerdy overload of these two anime. They are perfect binge-watching, popcorn-eating anime. Each has overly simplified and at times predictable storylines, and all too convenient coincidences. If you’ve seen one rom-com anime…

One of the most refreshing aspects of these two anime is the focus on adult couples rather than the typical middle school / high school romances found in most anime. It is a welcomed change of perspective.



Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii / Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Geeky office romance. Hysterically awkward on point nerdiness. Pure otaku gold full of glorious fangirly references.

It is predictably corny, cute, and cuddly.



Net-juu no Susume / Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Realistic online experiences by anime standards–even if overly simplified. Our cast of colorful characters is not sucked into some virtual realm forced to assume their online avatars, but instead meet as players in an MMO game. Both online and IRL perspectives are portrayed.

This is not about recovering game addicts but rather how MMO gaming helps the two main characters recover from their social awkwardness and previously unfulfilled and otherwise tedious lives.

Fluffy. Cutesy. Comical and refreshing. And, yes, predictable.

Note: I have not read either manga series, but they are on my list!

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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash

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