Big Nate: On a Roll

Big Nate: On a Roll (Review)

bnoarToday I am reviewing Big Nate: On a Roll.

The title once again sort of fits the theme which is Nate trying to get a new skateboard after he ran into someone and it flew into the oily water below him. Basicly he’s a Scout and they are holding a competition and the grand prize is a brand new skateboard and Nate & Artur (his rival) have even numbers and they do a coin flip to see who gets it.

It’s a good book in my opinion but it’s not really a book you want to read over and over like the rest of the series (at least from my experience).

One thought on “Big Nate: On a Roll

  1. I loved reading these reviews. I thought they were very well done and look forward to more. Thank you for posting them in a very readable manner.


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