March Story

March Story. Story by Kim Hyung-Min. Art by Yang Kyung-Il. 5 Volumes. Completed.

March Story is a fantasy horror manga full of dark violent imagery.

The artwork in this series is astounding. Think highly-stylized 18th century gothic horror. It is extremely detailed. It is violent. It is graphic. It superbly sets the stage for this bittersweet tale.


If you’re familiar with D.Gray-man you’ll very quickly notice some similar plot elements. In March Story, Ills possess objects of great beauty and in turn possess and torment ordinary people and the Ciste Vihad hunters collect and dispel them. This set up is similar to the exorcists who hunt akuma in D.Gray-man. However, the level of horror and violence is elevated in March Story.

The characters in March Story have traumatic backstories and not so happy endings. It is a tale full of tragic, heartrending love stories. Yes. Love stories. Beneath the layers of misery and gore, sad and bittersweet love stories unfold.

It’s a fabulous series and at only 5 volumes it is easy to collect and quick to read. This is another great read for the Halloween season.

Don’t let the pretty covers fool you. This is not for the faint of heart. And definitely not for children. Please note the explicit content label.

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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Andrey Grinkevich on Unsplash

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