Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers anime. Released in 2006. 12 25-minute episodes. Completed.

This action-packed anime is not scary but rather suspenseful. Violent but not gory. And at times humorous—intentionally so.

Two vampire bothers look for a home in the Special Zone—a thriving vampire city. The last descendants of an elite vampire clan, these brothers shake up the Special Zone. Old wounds surface and new conflicts arise.


The first episode drops you into what appears to be the final battle of a vampire war then suddenly flings you forward 10 years to the present. The backstory is—more or less—filled in throughout the series through flashbacks and conversations with other characters. Hang in there and all will be revealed—mostly.

Honestly, I am not much for analyzing and nitpicking plot and character development. This anime isn’t perfect and it’s not original. But it is entertaining and held my attention and that’s good enough for me. The last 15 minutes of the first episode are fabulously over the top in glorious vampire fashion. I was hooked after that. I wanted to know more about this odd pair of brothers—their past and their future.

I really enjoyed this anime. I have watched it many times over on Crunchyroll and even own the DVD.

Note: Black Blood Brothers anime contains mild sexual content. There is an English dub version, but I have not seen it.

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