Star Wars: Darth Vader #4




Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Vader and Aphra head to Geonosis to acquire a droid army. Geonosis is the scene of many battles in the Clone Wars and plays an important role in the building of Death Star. After the completion of the Death Star, the planet’s population is destroyed. There is however one queen left and she has control over a droid factory. Vader and Aphra come to Geonosis to steal that factory.

The most interesting parts of this issue, though, are after the factory is stolen and Aphra has got it up running. Vader will have his private droid army and Aphra thinks she sees the end of her usefulness to Vader. She doesn’t plea for her life, she only makes a few requests about how Vader might kill her. Vader decides to let her live. Aphra is surprised and relieved. She has an admiration for Vader: his abilities, his focus, even his ruthlessness. And now she has a little loyalty towards him too.

We also, along with Vader, discover that Emperor Palpatine might be working on replacing Vader. Every since his failure to protect the Death Star, Vader has been on the outs, and it looks like it might be a whole lot worse for him than expected.


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