Star Wars: Darth Vader #5




Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Vader and Aphra are hunting down Cylo’s ship/base to see what he was planning (and to stop him). In #4, we find out that Cylo is also an agent of the Emperor and is working on creating potential replacements for Vader.

The issue opens with their discover of the ship for which they have been searching. The ship is some kind of cybernetic hybrid of a flying space whale. In a scene reminiscent of the boarding of Tantive IV, Vader and his army of droids board the ship and then they discover Cylo’s creations. First Vader is confronted with twins wielding lightsabers. They are using some kind of system of cybernetics to emulate (Cylo would say transcend) the force. There are other replacements there as well. Vader is angry–regarding these creations as abominations.

We find out that this is all a set up by Cylo to demonstrate to the Emperor that Vader is obsolete and that Cylo’s creatures can replace him. (Cylo himself appears as Cylo V — a clone. Cylo 4 was killed in Vader #4)

The issue is interesting for a few reasons. Vader seems vulnerable, almost sympathetic. He’s being tested by his master who seems ready to jettison him for shiny new toys. The reader is placed in a weird position, like Aphra, of being on Vader’s side. It’s hard not to, almost, root for him.

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