Big Nate: In a Class by Himself

Big Nate: In a Class by Himself (Summary and Review)


bncbhToday I’m going to be summerizing Big Nate In a Class by Himself the first book in the Big Nate series.

Personally, I think it is a good book but the title does not fit the story. If I could choose/change the title I would probably call it Big Nate: Eats His Cookie. Ha ha! Just kidding. I would probably call it Big Nate: Surpasses All Others because in the book he gets a fortune that reads: Today you will surpass all others. And that is what the book is about…him trying to surpass everyone.

I’m not going to tell you HOW he surpasses all others but I’ll tell you how he tries to surpass everyone in. Mrs Godfrey’s class he does not really TRY because no one besides the suck up, Gina, can surpass all others (by getting a 105 A++ on a test). I guess he tried to by having the best nicknames for her, but he gets detention. So in period 2, Nate tries to make Jenny dump Artur so Jenny can be HIS girlfriend. He tries by writing Jenny a love letter (that fails because Gina tells Jenny) then Nate gets mad and screams at Gina giving him a detention. You can imagine what the rest of the story is like. spoiler alert: He gets detention every period. At the end of school he goes to Ms. Czerwicki to turn in his slips it turns out he HAD surpassed all others by getting the most detentions. That’s the end of the review folks. Overall I rate this book 4 and a half stars. It’s a great read. I recommend it.


Today I’m going to be reviewing Big Nate in a Class by Himself. The book title barley describes the book, it should be called Big Nate: Surpasses All Others, for that is really what the book is about–Nate trying to surpass all others. That’s really the only “downside” in my opinion. If you like humor and laughs, this book is for you.

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