Library Wars. Toshokan Sensou: Love and War.

Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou: Love and War). Story by Hiro Arikawa. Art by Kiiro Yumi. 15 Volumes. Completed.

Library Wars is a typical boy meets girl shoujo love story in an interesting setting. I absolutely love the setting. This shoujo tale is set against a battle for books in a war-torn library system where government censorship has spiraled out of control banning books, words, and authors from society for the sake of peace and public safety. The libraries take up arms to defend their precious collections!


Clumsy yet passionate girl joins the Library Force in hopes of finding the perfect prince of the Library Force who once rescued her (and her favorite book) from Media Improvement Committee agents.

The story is not overly mushy (which is a win in my book) and while the content can be sad and serious at times (while not explicit content there is armed conflict and loss of life) it is full of the awkward moments and misunderstandings you expect in a shoujo series. Add in some sinister government agencies and misguided book liberation movements and you get a delightfully entertaining shoujo romp. This series is a must for book-loving shoujo fans. It is definitely one of my favorite titles in the shoujo genre.

Note: While the anime is very faithful to the manga, its 12 episodes could not possibly capture all there is to this wonderful story. If you are a fan of the anime you will fall in love with the manga.

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Featured Image Credit: Photo by Alireza Attari on Unsplash

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